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51st Oudtshoorn Scale 2022

After a two year absence I can at last confirm set dates for Oudtshoorn Scale which is 29-30 September 2022 and 1-2 October 2022.

Seeing we were unable to host our event for two years we have added a Jet event prior to Oudtshoorn Scale weekend by the name of Jets over Karoo or JOK as it has become known, which will run from 25-28 September 2022. You can enter for either of these events separately or enter both.

This year we will be celebrating scale in the spirit it was in the years before all the rules changes. Oudtshoorn Scale will be a RCASA supported event, which enable us to host it with the necessary cover, but also allowing pilots from all skill levels to attend. SAMAA members are also welcome, as we want everyone to enjoy the event, see details on registration page.

Other great news is after negotiating with TFASA(the flight school) we have secured flying days for the full duration of the event. Pilots will be able to setup on Sunday and Wednesday afternoon already for the respective events. We have also secured space in their main hangar for overnight storage of planes in a secure environment. The Free Flight guys will also have their own demarcated area as well as the Heli guys. Trust to see all the regulars, the lost souls and some new faces for this year’s event!!

Oudtshoorn Scale 2022


Entry fee are as follow:
Oudtshoorn Scale 2022RCASA MemberR400
Oudtshoorn Scale 2022 & Jets Over Karoo(JOK)RCASA MemberR500
Oudtshoorn Scale 2022 & Jets Over Karoo(JOK)Non-RCASA MemberR600

We have simplified the registration by having all reservations and bookings available on an online entry form. The layout diagram now shows all spaces and camping areas numbered, allowing all registered participants the opportunity to reserve a space for themselves prior to arrival, provided that payment is received.

The advantage hereof is that, irrespective of your date and time of arrival, your space will be awaiting you. No more nudging, pushing and/or worrying. Camping sites are also indicated as well as the Vendor area. The provisional layout can be viewed here.

On arrival we will have your Indemnity form ready to sign and you are ready to fly. Pre-payment is preferred. Our account details are on the online entry form.

When doing a deposit into our club account use your RCASA/SAMAA number and Surname as reference. Pre-registration is essential. Please note our bank details have changed.

Our details are as follows:
Account Name: Kango Vliegklub
Bank: ABSA Bank
Branch: Oudtshoorn (334 314) or ABSA 632005
Account number: 409 595 7096
Mail proof of payment to: info@cangoflyingclub.co.za


This is a RCASA sanctioned event and all RCASA and general SACAA rules and regulations will apply. RCASA is a registered ARO in terms of SACAA and their ARO certificate can be found here:  
www.rcasa.org.za/aro-certificate as well as their MOP: www.rcasa.org.za/code-of-conduct

We have worked closely with RCASA and for the event all skill level of pilots are welcome with the only criteria being all planes must me scale replica of an actual full size aircraft. You can join RCASA here:  www.rcasa.org.za/membership-account/membership-registration to become a full member or pay the additional fee as per registration page.

The entrants for Jets Over Karoo and Oudtshoorn Scale must hold a valid RCASA RC Turbine Competency or SAMAA GOLD and Vlamgat rating for scale jets and turbine powered aircraft for both events.
To make use of the TFASA hangar for overnight storage of your aircraft, for security purposes a clear ID sized facial photo must accompany your online entry. It can be mailed with your proof of payment.
Pilots / Campers / Vendors can now register, request a space and include payment all on the one form. Each pilot must please complete a form when registering.
Pilots are allocated a space upon registering but camping on a space costs extra.
At least 2 registered pilots per single space application. You may have more than 2 per single space but not less than 2 on application.
Vehicles may enter onto tarred area for build- up but may not drive onto grass or area allocated for spaces. Trailers must be pushed to space from tarred area. Once you have set up then your vehicle must be parked in parking area. If a vehicle is used as a "Trailer" it can be parked in allocated space on arrival and must remain there for the full period of your stay. The same applies to vehicles used for camping i.e. once you have booked your accommodation and if your vehicle fits the allocated space. Scale committee reserves the right to the final decision as to where applicants are placed.

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